Our gaskets are made exclusively of HTV-silicone HTV silicone is the premium material for sealing
applications in the building and construction sector.

  • Nearly constant physical properties in a wide temperature area (-60 to +200°C)
  • Safe and permanent bonding with itself and with other materials
  • Fabricable in any colour

General properties of silicone

Aging-, weathering- and ozone-resistance

HTV silicone is extremely resistant to ozone, atmospheric oxygen, UV- and cosmic radiation.

Physiological properties

HTV-silicone is physiological inert and is also available in food safe quality according to FDA formalities.

Radiation resistance

Radiation up to level 10 Mrad is without effect to the elongation.

Dielectric properties

HTV-silicone has excellent insulating properties even for high temperatures. Electrical conductive
special qualities are possible.

Temperature stability

HTV-silicone is temperature stable in a range of -60° C to +200°C. Special qualities are available for
a temperature range of – 110°C to + 300°C.

Steam stability

HTV-silicone has good resistance to boiling water (ca. 140°C), repeated sterilisations are possible.
The hydrophobic properties prevent water absorption.

Chemical resistance

HTV-silicone is neutral to plastics and varnish.

Fire behavior

Standard qualities conform to DIN 4102 B2. Special qualities match DIN 4102 B1.